Monday, May 02, 2005

Runaway Bride

All I have heard about all week is this "Runaway Bride" case out of Duluth, GA. For starters, let me say that I am glad she is safe. Secondly, I think her town and the nation should not judge her. As a wedding planner and officiant, I am daily on the front line of watching couples say "I do". It is a life changing moment and not for everyone. Let's face it...she is 32 years old and has never been married before. Chances are she hasn't been ready before. I have to say that even attending a wedding where there are 600 guests seems extremely overwhelming..imagine being the bride and having to talk to all 600 people in one day!

I am almost positive that she is remorseful. I believe she lied in the beginning b/c she felt trapped within the situation. After this traumatic experience I am confident she will be in counseling for months to come. I think it would be a grave injustice to fine her or put her in jail. I do however think she should do some sort of community service once she has gone through some counseling and feels stronger.

I do hope they have her on suicide watch. It has to be tough to know that the entire world watched you crumble before their eyes. I know if I had done something like this I surely would be looking for a way out of my least in the beginning.

So, go easy on her. Pray for her. Lord knows she needs it now.

Riding the Bus With My Sister

Wow! Can I just say that if you missed CBS' Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Riding the Bus with My Sister last night, you missed one of the best movies ever! Rosie O'Donnells performance lit up the screen. It was amazing to see her transform herself into this living and breathing character of "Beth." As long as I live, I will never forget this role. If she doesn't win some sort of award for this role I will be outraged. This is one of the few movies where I ended it feeling like a better person in this world. If you weren't able to watch it last night do yourself and buy it once it comes out on DVD. This movie is life altering.

Kudos to Rosie and cast!
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